The Commandment Of Islam

 Another group of wrong-thinkers undergo riyada by suffering hunger, for the purpose of eradicating their lust (shahwa), wrath (ghadab) and sensual desires, which are disapproved by Islam. They think that Islam commands them to be eradicated. After suffering hunger for a long time, they see that these evil desires of theirs have not perished, and conclude that Islam commands something which cannot be done.

   Islam commands not to eradicate lust and wrath but to control both of them and to use them as prescribed by Islam. It is similar in that it is necessary for a horseman or a hunter not to do away with his horse or dog but to tame it in such a manner as to utilize it. In other words, lust and wrath are like the dog of a hunter and the horse of a horseman. Without these two, the blessings of the next world cannot be hunted. But utilizing them requires training them and using them suitably with Islam. If they are not trained but become excessive and overflow Islam's limits, they will lead one to ruination. Riyada is intended not to eradicate these two attributes but to train them and make them obey Islam. And this is possible for everybody.