The Seventy-two Groups Of Bid'at Holders

Hadrat [1] Imam-i Rabbani says in the 67th letter of the second volume of his Maktubat:

   Of Muslims, those who have deviated from the right way are called holders of bid'at [2]. The right way is the way of Hadrat Muhammad 'sallallahu alaihi wa sallam' and his four Khalifas. It is written in the book Ghunya by Abd-ul-qadir Geilani: "The origins of the seventy-two sects of bid'at are nine groups, which are the Khariji, Rafidi, Mu'tazila, Murji'a, Mushabbiha, Juhaymiyya, Dirariyya, Najjariyya and Kilaybiyya. None of these existed during the time of our Prophet and Chihar Yar-i guzin (the four Khalifas). Their appearing and deviating into different ways happened many years after the deaths of the Sahaba, the Tabi'in and the Fuqaha-i sab'a. "

   Our Prophet declared: "After me, there will be many differences among Muslims. Those who will live in those times should hold fast to my way and to the way of the Khulafa-i rashidin! They should avoid the things that will appear and will be fashionable afterwards? For, renovation, reform in Islam means to deviate from the right way. Changes that will be made in Islam after me are irreligious. "

   This hadith [3] shows that all the things invented in Islam after our Prophet and the Khulefa-i rasihidin are worthless. They are not reliable. Let us thank Allahu ta'ala very much because He has included us in the group of Ahl as-sunnat wa 'l-jama'at [4], who will be saved from Hell. He has not let us join one of the seventy-two groups of bid'at, who will go to Hell. He has so graciously protected us from falling for their corrupt beliefs. [Nor has He let us join those who, by saying, "You created, we ask for a religion from you," exalt some people up to the rank of Allah. ] Nor has He made us one of those who say that man creates his own work and action. He has not made us one of those who disbelieve seeing Allahu ta'ala in Paradise, either. In fact, this seeing is the greatest of all the blessings of this world and the next.