As-sifat Ath-thubutiyya

We see that the classes of beings are in an astounding order, and science finds out new laws of this order each year. The Creator of this order must be Hayy (Ever-living), 'Alim (All-knowing), Qadir(Almighty), Murid (All-willing), Sami' (All-hearing), Basir (All-seeing), Mutakallim (All-speaking) and Khaliq (All-creating). For, death, ignorance, incapability or being disposed under others' compulsion, deafness, blindness and dumbness are all defects, imperfections. It is impossible that such defective attributes be in Him who has created this 'alam or ka'inat (all beings) in such an order and who protects them against annihilation.

   Every being, from atom to stars, has been created with some calculations and laws. The regularity in the known laws of physics, chemistry, astronomy and biology bewilders the human mind. Even Darwin had to say that when he thought of the order and delicacy in the structure of the eye, he felt as if he would go crazy. Is it possible that He who has created all the laws, delicate calculations and formulas taught as scientific knowledge be defective? For, a defective one cannot be Khuda, the Creator.

   Let alone these reasonable evidences, ayat-i kerimas and hadith-i-sharifs [1] explain clearly that Allahu ta'ala has the attributes of perfection. Therefore, it is not permissible to doubt it. Doubt causes disbelief. The above-given eight attributes of perfection are called as-Sifat ath-Thubutiyya.

[1] hadith (sharif): i) a saying of the Prophet ('alaihi 's-salam).; al-Hadith ash-sharif: all the hadiths as a whole; ii) 'ilm al-hadith; iii) Books of the hadith ash-sharif. iv) Al-hadith al-qudsi, as-sahih, al-hasan: kinds of hadiths (for which, see Endless Bliss, II).