Things We Can Not See And Our Sense Organs

We come to know our surroundings through our five senses. If it were not for our sense organs, we would not know of anything. We would not even know of ourselves. We would not walk, find out anything, do anything, eat, drink, or live. We would not have parents nor would we exist. If we thank our Allah ceaselessly only for our sense organs, still we will not have adequately expressed proper gratitude.
We call anything that affects our sense organs being or existence. Sand, water, the sun are all beings, for we see them. Sound is a being, too, for we hear it. Air is a being because we feel the air strike when we open our hand and wave it like a fan. Also, the wind strikes our face. Likewise, cold and hot are beings, for we feel them through our skin. Moreover, we believe in the existence of energies [powers], such as, electricity, heat, and magnetism. We perceive and comprehend that electric currents cause heat, electromagnetism or chemical reaction; when heat increases the temperature rises and when it decreases it gets cold. We also understand that a magnet attracts iron. We say that it is wrong to say, "I don't believe in the existence of air, heat or electricity because I don't see them." Although they are not seen, we perceive them or their effects through our sense organs. Therefore, we believe in many beings that cannot be seen. We say that things are not necessarily nonexistent because they are not seen. By the same token, it is wrong to say."I don't believe in Allah. There are no such things as angels or genies. I would see them if they existed. Since I don't see them, I don't believe them." It is a statement contrary to mind and science.