Ahl As-sunnat Wa 'l-jamâ'a

There is only one correct path in matters pertaining to i'tiqâd: Ahl as-Sunnat wa 'l-Jamâ'a. The difference which was declared to be [Allâhu ta'âlâ's] Compassion in the hadîth ash-sherîf was the difference in furû' or ahkâm.

"In a matter on which the ijtihâds of the four Madhhabs differ from one another, only one of the ijtihâds is correct. Those who follow this correct way will be given two thawâbs, and those who act according to one of the incorrect ijtihâds will be given one thawâb. That the Madhhabs are Compassion shows the fact that it is permissible to give up one Madhhab and follow another. But it is not permissible to follow any Madhhab –other than the four– that belongs to Ahl as-Sunna, nor even as-Sahâbat al-kirâm, since their Madhhabs were not put into written form and have been forgotten. There is now no possibility for following any Madhhab other than the known four. Imâm Abû Bakr Ahmad ar-Râzî [rahimah-Allâhu ta'âlâ, d. 370 A. H. (980)], too, reported that it had been declared unanimously by the 'ulamâ' of Islam that it is not permissible to follow [directly] as-Sahâbat al-kirâm. We must understand well the superiority of the Madhhabs, of mujtahids, especially of the four A'immat al-madhhâhib, the fact that their Madhhabs did not go beyond the Book and the Sunna and that the rules which they conveyed through ijmâ' and qiyâs were not their own opinions but were taken from the Book and the Sunna.