How Should A Young Lady Behave In Society

The most proper attitude for a young lady is to be modest, sincere, plain and someone not provoking attention.

A disrespectful and sarcastic attitude is a sign of corruption. A young lady with good conduct never looks at an unrelated male with concern and care. It is far better not to look at them at all if it is possible. This should be done naturally, not artificially. A lady's glance over towards a man's face encourages a sarcastic and aggressive man to become a pest.

A lady's encouraging attitude towards a man will bring disaster. Human beings are different in character and habits as well as in their appearances. A smart and goodlooking face does not necessarily indicate a person with good conduct.

Strolling in a carefree way to attract attention does not leave a good impression. Such a girl will be made fun of and teased.

A young lady's manner of dressing, her way of walking, and her attitude all give an idea about her religious beliefs, morals and character."