What To Do On The 'iyd Days?

It is written in the book Ni'met-i Islam: "It is sunnat to do the following things on the 'Iyd days: to get up early; to make a ghusl; to clean the teeth with miswâk; to put on perfume [without alcohol]; to wear new and clean clothes; to show that you are happy; to eat sweetmeat before the prayer of the 'Iyd of Fitr; to eat dates; to eat an odd number of them; for one who performs the qurbân to eat first the meat of qurbân; to perform morning prayer in the masjid of one's quarter and to go to a large mosque for the 'Iyd prayer; to wear a ring on that day; to go to the mosque early and to go on foot; to say the 'Iyd takbîrs softly on the 'Iyd of Fitr and loudly on the 'Iyd of Adhâ; to take a different route on one's way back from the mosque. This is because the places where one offers one's ibâdat and the routes that one takes when going for 'ibâdat will stand as witnesses on the Day of Judgement; to welcome the Believers [Muslims] with a smiling face and by saying 'Salâmun 'alaykum'; to give alms generously to the poor and to give help to those who are working to disseminate true Islam; to give the sadaqa-i fitr before the 'Iyd prayer." It is sunnat also to reconcile those who are cross with one another; to visit one's relatives and brothers-in-Islam, and to give them presents. Finally, it is sunnat for men to visit graves.

It is stated as follows in hadîth-i sherîfs: "Man takes to those who do them favours," and "Give presents to one another and you will love one another." The most valuable and the most useful present is a smiling face and honeyed words. You should always treat everybody with a smiling face and soft words, whether they are friends or enemies, Muslims or disbelievers, unless they are bid'at holders. You should not quarrel with anybody. Quarreling will mar friendship. It will aggravate hostilities. You should not become angry with anybody. A hadîth-i-sherîf admonishes: "Do not become angry!" At times of fitna, mischief, when you see people worshipping a cow, feed straw to the cow lest you should anger them.