To Perform A Salât After Its Due Time Without Any Excuse

It is said in the book Targîbussalât: "In a hadîth-i sharîf it was declared: 'If a person, without any excuse, performs a salât after its due time, he will be burned in Hell for as long as eighty huqba. One huqba is eighty years. One year in the Hereafter is three hundred and sixty days. One day is as long as eighty years of this world. 'As the amount of time necessary for one to perform one's omitted prayers of namâz elapses, the sin of that one namâz gets bigger and bigger. Well then, if there are two or more omitted namâz, it will be all the more difficult. Omitted salâts, no matter what their costs, must be performed as soon as possible, and one must invoke and feel repentance so much so that one will be forgiven. He who does not perform namâz should tremble and melt after seeing the greatness of Allâhu ta'âlâ.