The Greatest Blessing

Allah has given all people numerous benefits and blessings. As the greatest, the best of these, He has sent prophets and messengers and has shown the way to eternal happiness, declaring in sûra Ibrâhîm, âyat 7 (interpreted as follows): "If you appreciate the value of My gifts and if you use them as I command, I will increase them. If you don't appreciate them, if you abhor them, I will take them back and torture you vehemently." The reason why Islam has been in such a deplorable state for a century – especially recently, it has gone quite far away, leaving the world covered with the darkness of disbelief and apostasy – is solely because of Muslims not appreciating the blessings of Islam, and thereby turning away from them.

As Allâhu ta'âlâ employs those whom He loves as intermediaries for auspicious deeds, so He employs at evil places those who bear hostility towards Him.