Hatim-i Asam (Part Ii)

Hatim 'rahmatullahi ta'ala alaih' said, "My third benefit is this: I observed other people and saw that everybody in the world has gotten himself into trouble of some sort striving to stash away worldlies. Then I recollected an ayat-i-karima [1], which purports, 'Whatever of worldly property you hold fast to and (try so hard to) retain shall not stay with you, but (all that belongs to this world) shall leave you. Only the goodnesses and worships you have performed for the sake of Allah shall abide with you.' All the things I had collected for worldly purposes I spent for the sake of Allah; I meted them out to the poor! In other words, I lent them to Allahu ta'ala so that they should remain (in my possession) eternally!" Shaqiq-i-Belhi 'qaddas-Allahu ta'ala sirrah ul 'aziz' said, "You have done so well and how beautiful is the way you put it, o Hatim! Now let me hear the fourth benefit."

Hatim 'radiy-Allahu ta'ala anh' said, "My fourth benefit is this: I observed other people and saw that they loathed one another. I knew that it was because they envied one another and coveted one another's position, possessions and knowledge, which reminded me of an ayat-i-karima, which purports, 'We have divided all their substantial and spiritual sustenances in the world and given them their shares.' So I realized that kinds of sustenance such as knowledge, property, rank position and children which were to be allotted to everybody's share had been preordained in eternity, that no one could do anything about it, that it was necessary to work since He (Allahu ta'ala) had commanded us to work, and that jealousy, alongside its multiple harms, would be quite futile, contented myself with the distribution Allahu ta'ala had foreordained in eternity and with what my Rabb would send me in return for my work, and thus became friendly with all people around me, liked other people and was liked by them." Upon hearing these, Shaqiq said, "So well done and so well said. Now tell me the fifth benefit, o Hatim!"

[1] ayat: A verse of al-Qur'an al-karim; al-ayat al-karima.