Preparation For Death (Part II)

A Believer's soul leaving his body is like the emancipation of a slave from prison. Once dead, a Believer does not want to return to this world. Only martyrs want to come back to the world so that they may be martyred once more. The world's goodness is all gone. What is left behind is only its cares. Death, therefore, is now a gift for every Muslim. A person's faith can be protected only by his grave. The first of the gifts that will be presented to Believers is the relief in death. What will relieve a Believer is only attaining to Allahu ta'ala. For every Believer death is better than life. Death is useful even to disbelievers.

You have been chasing something quite volatile. You do not even turn to look at what will remain eternally. Indeed, you have been running away from it! If a person's death has no value, his life has no vaule, either. Death is loved because it takes one to Allahu ta'ala. If I love a person, I love his staying here as well as his death. Will a lover not want to meet his beloved? When Hadrat Azrail [1] 'alaihis-salam' (Angel of Death) asked the Prophet Ibrahim 'alaihis-salam' for permission to take away his soul, Hadrat Ibrahim said, "Will a lover take away his beloved one's soul?" But when Allahu ta'ala sent a message through Hadrat Azrail 'alaihis-salam,' saying, "Will a lover shirk from meeting his beloved one?", Hadrat Ibrahim invoked, "O my Allah! Take away my soul at once!"

For a Believer who obeys Allah's commandments, nothing is more pleasing than death. A Believer who loves attaining to Allahu ta'ala will wish for death. Death is a bridge that leads a lover to his beloved. The desire to meet the beloved is a great and high grade. A Believer who has attained this grade will not wish for death to be delayed. Longing for Allahu ta'ala, he will wish to attain to Him, to see Him. A person who loves Paradise and prepares himself for Paradise will love death. For, without death Paradise is inaccessible.

[1] Hadrat: title of respect used before the names of great people like and Islamic scholars.