Five Things

The following information has been derived from the book Zad-ul-muqwin: "As the early Islamic scholars wrote, fivetypes of dereliction of religious duty on the part of a Muslim causes them five types of loss:

1) He who does not give the zakat [1] of his property does not get any benefit from his property.

2) If a person does not pay ushr [2] for the crops he obtains from his land, neither the crops nor the land will have any barakat left.

3) Health is absent in the body of a person who does not give alms.

4) Person who does not pray will not attain his wish.

5) Person who does not want to perform a salat [3] when its time comes cannot utter the kalima-i shahadat [4] at his last breath.

[1] zakat: (fard duty of giving annually) certain amount of certain kinds of property to certain kinds of people, by which the remaining property becomes purified and blessed and the Muslim who gives it protects himself against being (called) a miser. See chapter 1 in Endless Bliss V.
[2] ushr: a kind of zakat.
[3] salat: i) prayer; (with salam)= salawat; ii) ritual prayer of at least two rak'as; "namaz", in Persian; salat janaza: funeral prayer.
[4] kalimat ash-shahada: the phrase beginning with "Ashhadu..." The first of the five fundamentals of Islam; declaring one's belief in Islam.