The Meaning In The Words Of Adhan

Be it known that there are seven words in the adhan [1] .

1 — ALLAHU AKBAR: Allahu ta'ala is the greatest. He needs nothing. He is too great to need the worships of His slaves. Worships give no benefit to Him. In order to settle this important meaning well in minds, the word is repeated four times.

2 — ASH'HADU AN LA ILAHA IL-LAL-LAH: Though He does not need anyone's worship owing to His greatness, I bear witness and certainly believe that none besides Him is worthy of being worshipped. Nothing is like Him.

3 — ASH'HADU ANNA MUHAMMADAN RASULULLAH: I bear witness and believe that Hadrat Muhammad [2] 'sallallahu alaihi wa sallam' is the Prophet sent by Him, that he is the communicant of the way of the worships liked by Him, that only worships communicated and shown by him are suitable.

4-5 — HAYYA 'ALASSALAH, HAYYA 'ALALFALAH: These are the two words inviting the Believers to salat, which causes happiness and salvation.

6 — ALLAHU AKBAR: No one can do the worship worthy of Him. He is so great, so far from anyone's worship being worthy of Him or suitable for Him.

7 — LA ILAHA IL-LAL-LAH: He, alone, has the right to be worshipped, to humiliate oneself before. Along with the fact that no one can do the worship worthy of Him, no one besides Him is worthy of being worshipped.

Greatness of the honour in salat should be understood from the greatness of these words selected to inform everybody with it. Translation of a Persian line:

"The year's prolificity is predictable by the spring."

O Our Allah! For the sake and honour of the Master and the highest of Prophets 'alaihi wa alaihimussalawatu wattaslimat', include us among those who perform salat as you like them to and who will thus be rescued from Thine torment! Amin [3].

[1] adhan: i) the Muslim call to prayer. ii) the call to salat.
[2] Hadrat: title of respect used before the names of great people like and Islamic scholars.
[3] amin: "accept my prayer, my Allahu ta'ala the Greatest".