Tricks Of Satan In Seducing Humanbeing (Part III)

Seventh: When the devil realizes that it can't stop a person from performing his worships, it will suggest self-admiration of his worships. The devil will tell him how smart and alert he is as well as tell him that while everyone is unaware of the reality, he is performing worships. He should answer it by saying that the intelligence, alertness and awareness are not coming from himself but they are a favor of Allahu ta'ala. If Allahu ta'ala did not favor him with these, he wouldn't be able to perform any prayers.

Eighth: The devil wants to promote secret hypocrisy in a person by suggesting to him that he should perform his prayers secretly so that Allahu ta'ala will place his love and honor into the hearts of others. A person who receives these suggestions should answer the devil by saying, "I am a slave of Allahu ta'ala and He is my Owner. He may either accept my prayers or reject them. It is not my business whether or not He places my love into the hearts of others."

Ninth: The devil suggests to a person by saying, "Why should one perform the prayers? It is already determined in eternal past whether a person will be a happy person (sa'id) who will be delivered to Paradise or an unfortunate person (shaqi) who will be delivered to Hell." One who receives these types of suggestions should answer by saying, "I am a slave of Allahu ta'ala and the duty of a slave is to carry out the orders of his owner." If the devil counters by saying, "If there is a fear of punishment for not performing the worships, in that case, it becomes a necessity for a person to perform the worships. But there is no fear of punishment for the happy person." One should answer by saying, "My Lord knows everything and He does whatever He wishes. He either gives goodness or troubles to whomever He chooses. No one has any right to ask Him why He does this or that."