Tricks Of Satan In Seducing Humanbeing (Part IV)

Tenth: The devil says to a person, "If it is determined in eternal past that a person will perform worships, then, that person will perform worships. The Decree of Allahu ta'ala does not change. Human beings are forced to accept the Decree of Allahu ta'ala, so that they either perform the worships or don't perform the worships, depending on the eternal Decree of Allahu ta'ala."

These suggestions of the devil are similar to the previous suggestions. Accordingly, the ones who are determined as happy ones in eternal past will be able to perform worships, and it will be necessary for those who are determined as unfortunate ones in the eternal past not to perform the worships. One should reply to the deceits of the devil by saying: Even though Allahu ta'ala creates everything including the good and evil actions of human beings, He gave small amounts of will power (irada al-juz'iyya) to human beings and animals. This type of will power is exercised by human beings, but this exercise of will power cannot be explained with the statement that human beings created something, for will power does not exist in the external universe (things other than human beings). It exists inside the hearts of human beings.

Creation takes place when something comes into being in the external universe. By contrast, the Omnipotent Will of Allahu ta'ala, (which is termed Irada-i-kulliya) exists as a selfstanding entity. Allahu ta'ala has made man's limited will power a means for creating his actions.