Obstinacy (Inad) And Arrogance

Obstinacy (inad) and "mukabara" is one's rejection of the truth when one hears it. Abu Jahl and Abu Talib were obstinate not to accept the prophethood of Rasulullah 'sall-Allahu 'alaihi wa sal-lam'. They denied it. Obstinacy (inad) is caused by hypocrisy, hatred (hiqd), jealousy, or tama' Rasulullah 'sall- Allahu 'alaihi wa sal-lam' said, "The person whom Allahu ta'ala loathes most is the one who is too obstinate to admit the truth." It is stated in another hadith-i sharif "A Believer (Mu'min) will be dignified and soft." A dignified person will show the easy way in worldly affairs. He will be like a hard rock regarding affairs pertaining to religion. A mountain may wear out with time but a Believer's faith will never wear out.