Giving Advice For The Sake Of Allahu Ta'ala

It is a desire in one's heart about another person who has received the blessings (worldly or other than worldly) that he should keep those blessings so that he may do good religious or worldly things through them. It is incumbent (wajib) [1] for all Muslims to give advice to others. Rasulullah 'sall-Allahu 'alaihi wa sal-lam' said, "A person who is instrumental for another person's performing good deeds will receive as much reward as the person who performs the goodness," and "Any Muslim who asks blessings for himself but does not ask the same blessings for other Muslims has not had belief," and "The basis of religion is to give advice."

The meaning of giving advice for the sake of Allahu ta'ala is to inform others that Allahu ta'ala exists, that there is only one Allah, that He is the only One Who possesses Attributes of Perfection and Beauty, that He does not possess any deficiency or any kind of attributes which are not worthy of Him, that it is necessary for everyone to worship Him with a pure intention, that everyone should try to earn His favor and approval as well as one can accomplish, that no one should rebel against Him, that everyone should love His friends, that everyone should oppose His adversaries, that everyone should love those who obey His commandments, that everyone should dislike those who disobey His commandments, that everyone should cite His blessings and pay their gratitude for them, that everyone should have compassion toward His creatures and that no one should assert He possesses any of the attributes He does not possess.