Courage Yields Eleven Virtues (Part I)

1– Serious mindedness: Insusceptibility to emotional pronenesses such as elation when praised and dejection when criticized. The person in possession of this gift holds rich and poor equal and does not discriminate between joy and sorrow. His work and effort are unshaken by a change in the environment or in difficult or fearful circumstances.

2– Bravery (najdat): Patience and endurance in frightening situations and difficult circumstances and not complaining and not acting inappropriately in those situations.

3–Having zeal and endeavor (having himmat): Person gifted with this virtue does not care about worldly ranks, positions, promotions or demotions.

4– Perseverence (thabat): Putting up with difficulties on the way toward one's goal; resisting destructive forces or agencies on the way to success.

5– Mildness (hilm): Calmness of the soul; being gentle and mild and avoiding anger.

6– Calmness (sukun): Having the necessary strength, perseverance and resistance during a war while defending the country, the religion, and the nation against the enemy, and not becoming a laughing stock of the enemy.