Courage Yields Eleven Virtues (Part II)

7– Being ingenious (shahamat): Strong desire to do good deeds and attain high ranks; also strong desire to be remembered in good terms and persistent devotion to doing good deeds in order to earn thawabs (rewards in the Hereafter).

8– Enduring troubles (tahammul): Undaunted steadiness in developing good habits and performing good deeds.

9– Humility (tawadu'): Maintaining a non boastful attitude towards those who are inferior in worldly terms. For, whatsoever a person has attained in the name of goodness is merely a kindness of Allahu ta'ala. He is a mere nothing. Those who have attained worldly ranks and richness should show humbleness and thereby earn rewards (thawabs). To display humbleness in order to obtain worldly gains or to avoid worldly difficulty is called fawning (tabasbus). An example of this is a beggar's expression of humility, which is a sin.

10– Sense of honor (hamiyyat): Not being slack in protecting and defending one's nation, religion and honor; employing all one's ability, strength and effort in this duty.

11– Riqqat: Not worrying about the problems that are caused by human beings. One's behavior and attitude should not change because of the problems caused by other people. One should not stop doing good deeds because of the troubles and harms one is suffering from others.