End Of Merciless People

Do not be deceived by the villas and apparel of dictators,
Gardens of their villas are watered with tears of the oppressed!

People who govern other people cruelly will be treated mercilessly on the Day of Judgement by Allahu ta'ala. There is a saying which goes as follows:

Man, la yarham, la yurham!

which means, merciless people will not receive mercy! When such tyrants band together, they form gangs, not governments. Such people tyrannize millions of their follow men for the sordid interest of a couple of years' luxury in this ephemeral life, which never ends before they have met their nemesis. Amidst all the apparent welfare and transport they seem to be basking in, vehement trials and tribulations never let go of them. The only item of their worldly assets to leave them once and for all is their adored sovereignty, which, in the end, they mostly have to bear seeing in the hands of their enemies. Such an excrutiatingly humiliating experience!

As a matter of fact, the eighty-first ayat [1] of Sura Maryam [2] purports: "To Us shall return all that he talks of, and he shall appear before Us bare and alone." (19-80) As is pointed out in this ayat-i karima, each and every one of such people will be brought to the presence of Allahu ta'ala at the Court of Justice in the Hereafter with a black stain on his face. He will not be able to deny all the wrongs he has committed, and will be punished for them severely. All the wrongs and oppressions he has committed will manifest themselves as darkness and will cover him so that he will not be able to see where he is going. He will be thrown to Hell by the angels who are in charge of Hell and punished there much more severely than the punishments and tortures he imposed on people while he was in power. He will not be able to obtain the forgiveness of Allahu ta'ala because he called Islam's principles and tenets 'desert laws' and denied the Islamic religion.

[1] ayat: A verse of al-Qur'an al-karim; al-ayat al-karima.
[2] suura(t): a Qur'anic chapter [a chapter of the Qur'an].