What Does This World Mean? ( Part I)

This world is a testing place. Apparently, the world is decorated with false sequins. It resembles an unchaste woman. Its face is a portrait with attractively dyed hair, eye-brows, and a beauty-spot. Its appearance is sweet. It looks fresh, pretty, and crisp. Yet, in fact, it is like a corpse dabbed with fragrant perfumes. So to speak, it is a carrion, a rubbish heap beset with insects and scorpions. It is a mirage of water. It is like a poisoned sweetmeat. In essence it is ruination, and by nature it is evanescent. It is implacably ruthless towards its sympathizers and pursuers and will inflict the worst types of harm on them. He who has fallen for it is stupid, enchanted. Its lovers are fooled lunatics. He who falls for its appearance will end up in an endless disaster. He who judges by its transient flavour and skin-deep beauty will suffer eternal repentance.

Sarwar-i-kainat Habib-i-Rabbil'alamin 'alaihi wa 'ala alihissalawat wattahiyyat' stated: "The world and the Hereafter are irreconcilable opposites. If you please one of them, the other will take offence." This means to say that if a person pleases the world the Hereafter will be offended with him. That is, he will attain nothing in the world to come. May Allahu ta'ala protect us and you from the unfortunate state of being fond of the world and sympathizing with those people who, anxious to obtain worldly advantages, trample over their duties as human beings!