What Does This World Mean? (Part II)

The world is extremely vicious; but what is (it that we call) 'the world'? 'The world' means 'anything that will lure you away from Allahu ta'ala'. If one's concern for women, children, property, rank or position is excessive enough to make one forget about Allahu ta'ala, it becomes 'the world'. It is for this reason that musical instruments, games, mala-ya'ni [1], i.e. useless and vain occupations, [gambling, harmful company, porno movies, magazines and novels] are in effect 'the world'. So are all sorts of learning and education that are not useful for the world to come.

If such subjects as mathematics, geometry, astronomy and logic are not utilized in manners dictated by Allahu ta'ala,dealing with these subjects is nothing but killing time, i.e. 'the world'. If these subjects alone would suffice when they were learned with all their profound particulars and subtleties, then the ancient Greek philosophers [and the recent years' European and American scientists and experts] would have found the way to salvation and secured themselves against the eternal torment awaiting them in the next world.

If the sciences taught in today's colleges and universities and which cost a person his entire youth are used in a manner approved by Allahu ta'ala, they will be beneficial and will provide prosperity in this world and endless felicity in the Hereafter.

[1] mâlâ-ya'nî Useless/ If you say that someone or something is useless, you mean that they are no good at all.