Grades Of Tawakkul

There are three grades of tawakkul. [1]

He who is in the first grade is like a person who trusts in a zealous, above-board, bold and compassionate advocate.

The person who is in the second grade is like a child. A child thinks that everything given to it is sent by its mother. When hungry it looks for its mother. When in fear it takes refuge with its mother. This state of the child is from itself, it is not taught by someone else, nor is it through force. Nor is it within the child's will. A person who is in this grade is not aware of his tawakkul. For, he does not deem his deputy separate from himself. Yet the one in the first grade knows of his tawakkul and has tawakkul through the force of his will.

The person who is in the third grade is like a dead man in the hands of the person who washes him. He sees himself as a dead man who moves with Allah's power. If he faces trouble and pain he does not even pray so that he will be saved from them. Whereas the baby calls to its mother when it suffers any pain, this one is such a child as will not call to its mother. For, it knows that its mother is looking at it all the time and is ready to run to its rescue.

[1] tawakkul: trusting in, expecting everything from Allahu ta'ala exclusively; expecting from Allahu ta'ala the effectiveness of the cause after working or holding on to the cause – before which tawakkul is unadvised. See Endless Bliss III, 35.