Tawakkul For The Married

It is not right for a married person to go away from town in order to perform tawakkul [1]. He has to work and hold fast to causes. In other words, the tawakkul of the married must be in the third grade. That is, they have to do tawakkul by working. As a matter of fact, Abu Bakr Siddiq 'radiyallahu anh' performed tawakkul by working. For, there are two parts of tawakkul.

The first one is to endure hunger patiently and eat what one happens to find. The second one is to believe that if the death of hunger is one's destiny it will be good for one.

No one is permitted to command these two parts of tawakkul to his household. In fact, a person who is not patient enough is not permitted to have tawakkul without working. If one's wife and children also consent to being patient, then it will be permissible to have tawakkul without working. In short, it is permissible to force oneself to endure inconvenience patiently, but it is not permissible to force one's family.

[1] tawakkul: trusting in, expecting everything from Allahu ta'ala exclusively; expecting from Allahu ta'ala the effectiveness of the cause after working or holding on to the cause – before which tawakkul is unadvised. See Endless Bliss III, 35.