Tawhid, The Basis Of Tawakkul (Part II)

The third grade is to see that one creator creates everything, to realize that all work is done by one agent only and that none else does anything. This seeing and understanding requires a nur being lit in the heart. Such an iman (belief) is unlike the iman of the ignorant or of the savants of Kalam. Their iman is like a curtain put over the heart with the tricks of imitation and proving. But this seeing and realizing is the heart's being opened and the curtain's going up. For example, there are three kinds of believing that the resident of a house is in the house:

1 — To believe it by hearing someone say so. The iman through imitation is a reminiscence of this.

2 — To believe by seeing the things used by the resident every day, such as his mount, his headgear and shoes in the house. This is an example for the iman of the savants of Kalam.

3 — To believe by seeing the resident in the house. This is an example for the tawhid of arifs. Though such tawhid has a very high grade, its owner sees both the creatures and the Creator, and knows that they were created by the Creator. Since he sees the creatures, his tawhid cannot be perfect.

The fourth grade is that He sees one being. He does not see more than one. Men of tasawwuf[1] call this state 'Fana in tawhid.'

[1] tasawwuf: (Islamic sufism as defined by Islam) knowledge and (after adapting oneself to fiqh) practice of the manners of the Prophet ('alaihi 's-salam) which strengthens iman, makes the practice of fiqh easy and provides one to attain ma'rifa; 'ilm at-tasawwuf. [See the book Maktubat by Ahmad al-Faruqi as-Sirhindi (rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alaih)].