What Does Felicity Mean?

All the people in the world want to live happily and peacefully. But the ones who are happy are far less in number. Why is it so? In part it is because we do not really know what will make us happy. Secondly, we must learn the true meaning of the word felicity.

Felicity does not consist of worldly happiness only. Quite to the contrary, real felicity means to achieve felicity in the Hereafter. How can felicity in the Hereafter be attained? In order to attain felicity in the Hereafter one must obey Allahu ta'ala's laws and orders Matters concerning the resurrection after death (or belief in the next world) are included within the orders of Allahu ta'ala. Jenab-i Haqq (Allah) has informed us clearly that the next world's life is endless, everlasting, but life in this world consists of only a few finite days. Hence, felicity is two dimensional: one aspect addresses the attainment of happiness in the next world while the other addresses worldly happiness. Which should be ranked higher? Wise and intelligent men can easily distinguish.

Our wisdom and understanding show us that the next-world's existence is infinitely superior to the life of this world. But despite this fact, it is obvious that generally men do not spend one-tenth of their worldly efforts for the sake of the next world. Can we possibly understand the pathetic and terrible consequences of this type of attitude? If we do not believe, then there is no hope of escape. In the next world, a disbeliever's place will be in the fiery confines of Hell, endlessly. If we believe, then our noncompliance with Allahu ta'ala's rules will be judged as a kind of carelessness (a type of sleepiness) and corruption. Shame on those people who will still not wake up!