Preparing For Death (Part I)

To die does not mean to cease to exist. It is an event that does not annihilate existence. Death is the termination of the soul's attachment to the body. It is an act of the soul leaving the body. Death is a matter of man's changing from one state into another. It is to migrate from one home to another. 'Umar bin Abdul'aziz (rahmatullahi 'aleyh) said, "You have been created only for eternity, for endlesness. Only, you will migrate from one home to another!"

Death is a blessing, a gift for the Believer. It is a disaster for the sinful. It is relief for the poor, and torment for the rich. Wisdom is a gift endowed by Allahu ta'ala. Ignorance is the cause of straying from the right way. Cruelty is man's ugly aspect. Worship brings good humour, joy, and a sacred light to the eyes. Weeping with fear of Allah polishes the heart. Laughter dopes the heart with venom. Man does not wish death. Yet, in fact, death is more useful than mischief. Man likes to live. Yet, in fact, death is better for him. With death the true Believer gets disentangled from the torment and exertion of this world. With the death of the cruel, countries and peoples attain relief. It will be pertinent to quote an old couplet of poetry, which was inspired by the death of a cruel enemy of the religion:

Neither he had comfort, nor did people see peace with him.
He's at last tumbled down; patience, o you, who'll be with him!

A Believer's soul leaving his body is like the emancipation of a slave from prison. Once dead, a Believer does not want to return to this world. Only martyrs want to come back to the world so that they may be martyred once more. The world's goodness is all gone. What is left behind is only its cares. Death, therefore, is now a gift for every Muslim. A person's faith can be protected only by his grave. The first of the gifts that will be presented to Believers is the relief in death. What will relieve a Believer is only attaining to Allahu ta'ala. For every Believer death is better than life. Death is useful even to disbelievers.