Mi'raj Night (Part II)

Addas: "The owner of this beautiful face and these sweet words cannot be a liar. I now believe that you are Allah's Messenger." So he became a Muslim and added, "O Rasulallah. I have been serving these cruel people for many years. They have been depriving people of their rights. They have been cheating others. They have no goodness. They will commit any baseness to get what is worldly and to fulfill their sensuous desires. I hate them. I want to go with you, get honoured with your service, to be the target of the irreverence which the ignorant and the idiots will commit against you and to sacrifice myself to protect your blessed body."

Rasulullah smiled: "Stay with your masters for the time being! After a short while, you will hear of my name far and wide. Come to me then," he stated. Resting for a while, they wiped off the remaining blood that was still on them and walked towards Mekka. It was already dark when they arrived in the city. The few months he spent in Mekka were troublesome. The enemy was everywhere. There was not a place to go. At last he went to the district of Abu Talib, where the house of Umm-i Hani, his uncle's daughter, was. Umm-i Hani had not become Muslim yet. "Who is there?" she said.

Rasulullah said, "It is me, Muhammad, your uncle's son. I have come here as a guest, if you will accept me."

Umm-i Hani: "I will gladly sacrifice my life for such a true, trustworthy, honourable and noble guest as you are. But if you had said in advance that you would honour us, I would have prepared something. I have no food to give you now."

Rasulullah: "I want nothing to eat and drink. I care for none. A place will suffice where I can worship, entreat my Allah."

Umm-i Hani received Rasulullah, gave him a mat, a bowl and an ewer. It was considered as the most honourable duty among the Arabs to do kindness to a visitor and to protect him against an enemy. Any harm given to a guest in a home would be a grave shame for the host. Umm-i Hani thought, "He has a lot of enemies in Mekka. There are even those who want to kill him. I will be on the watch for him till morning in order to protect my honour." Taking her father's sword, she began to walk around the house.