Mi'raj Night (Part V)

All this exasperated the disbelievers. They could not bear the Believers' strong iman [1] , their believing right away whatever he said, their gathering around him and protecting him. In order to rout and disgrace Rasulullah, they attempted to test him.

"O Muhammad 'alaihissalam'! You claim to have gone to Jerusalem. Tell us now! How many doors and how many windows does the masjid have?" were some of their questions. As the Prophet answered each, Hadrat Abu Bakr [2] said, "Right, O Rasulallah! It is true, O Rasulallah!" But in actual fact, out of his embarrassment, Rasulullah would not even look at a person in the face. Afterwards, he stated, "I had not looked around in Masjid-i Aqsa. I had not seen what they asked about. At that moment Hadrat Jabrail brought Masjid-i Aqsa before my eyes. [Like watching television], I saw, counted, and answered their questions at once." He said that he had seen travellers riding camels on his way and that he hoped, inshaallah [3] , that they would arrive on Wednesday. On Wednesday, just before sunset, the caravan arrived in Mekka. They said that something had happened like the blowing of the wind and that a camel had fallen down.

This situation strengthened the Believers' iman but aggravated the disbelievers' enmity. "One who does not believe that Rasulullah was taken from the city of Mekka to Jerusalem [to Beyt-ul muqaddes] will be a disbeliever. One who does not believe that he was taken to the heavens and to unknown places will be dal and mubtadi'. " That is, he will be a heretic.

[1] iman: faith, belief, beliefs of Islam; kalam, i'tiqad.
[2] Hadrat: title of respect used before the names of great people like and Islamic scholars.
[3] insha-Allah: 'if Allahu ta'ala wills'